January 25 venus transit astrology

In fact, astrology, alchemy, and magic were originally seen as three related, or sister, arts that were practiced in tandem. Two of the basic conditions for magical activity are that a planet be in one of its dignities —the places where it has heightened powers—or the planet be in conjunction with a powerful fixed star.

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Vega is a very bright star in the constellation of Lyra and is often found in the charts of performers; its magical power is the ability to charm coupled with powerful charisma. Overall, this translates to an ability to gain cooperation in the institution of powerful plans. Additionally, this full moon is conjunct Regulus, one of four Royal Stars which form a celestial cross in the heavens. At night, the moon receives triplicity dignity in Virgo , which means that She receives help from family, friends, and the community.

Use this transit to give or receive help that forges strong community bonds. Look to the new moon in Virgo six months before September 9, for the seeds of that which is ready to flower into current success.


Together, these three sun, Jupiter, Saturn are considered diurnal, masculine, or yang in nature, and the morning apparitions reinforces this. After the sun moves into Aries on March 20, all three diurnal planets are in signs of their dignity as well.

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In fact, all five planets, the sun, moon, Mercury , Venus , and Mars all have some form of dignity here. Sun moves into Capricorn on Jan. Called Makara Sankranti. It is a larger event than you might imagine.

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In the Vedic calendar, it is the real beginning of the New Year where the days start lengthening, and more light descends on the planet. Surya, the Sun God, is regarded as the symbol of divinity and wisdom, and is one of the most important planets heavenly bodies of the zodiac and our daily lives.

Total Lunar Eclipse on Monday, January 21 st at 7 degrees Cancer will be impact and be visible in most of North and South America, the eastern Pacific, Euro and Middle East and most of Africa so it has a huge coverage and it is occurring on a Monday, the day ruled by the Moon. This is probably the most powerful eclipse of the year and has wide coverage and will impact many countries. Good time to meditate during eclipses and avoid major decisions.

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Mercury moves into Capricorn on Jan. Mars gets trined by Jupiter into January 25 th between Scorpio and Pisces creating a rich spiritual association and connection for spiritual courage and transformation. The impact of this will be felt the last few week of January particularly for the signs of Scorpio and Pisces but Sagittarius and Aries will feel it but not without some 12th house challenges.

The aspect is even more powerful because Scorpio and Pisces are in a Parivartana Yoga or exchanging signs and what ever houses are involved are positive impacted. The water signs get a huge spiritual upliftment from this exchange but people not on a spiritual path may not be able to handle the intense moksha energy and move toward drugs, alcohol or TV binging to escape intense emotions. Larger articles on each of these events will be covered in our Vedic Astrological Transit Guide.

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