Number 18 country song on my birthday

Whether it's the year-old in high school, the year-old living on her own for the first time or the year-old missing her youth, McBride encourages her female fans to soldier on in the face of adversity with this song. Let's hear it, ladies!

Instrumental Songs

There are plenty of powerful women making great records in country music. What are your favorite country female empowerment anthems?

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Number One Song On My Birthday

Top 10 Girl Power Country Songs. Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. This list was compiled by Gayle Thompson, and revised by Sterling Whitaker.

HARDY moved to Nashville to pursue the elusive art of matching words with chords and melodies, and became a breakthrough year for him. It actually came looking for him. FGL's Tyler Hubbard and the duo's producer, Joey Moi, were both convinced there was a place for his talent in the marketplace and offered to help him make it happen.

HARDY was amped and animated in the role, as if he'd been playing in front of thousands for years. And the crowd reaction sealed the deal.

What Country song was #1 on the day you were born?

It's just unexplainable. Fortunately, HARDY comes to the table as an artist with a strong view of who he is, thanks to his experiences in Mississippi. But HARDY's original exposure to music came from his dad, who consistently had classic rock blasting when he took his son on the mile commute from the house to the family's chicken farm and back. HARDY pitched in on a job that was brutal to the senses - "I don't even think I could go in a chicken house now," he says - but he learned the value of hard work.

And the exposure to smart hooks and distinct musical identities of the music his father listened to made a permanent imprint. Thanks to my dad, I loved The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon growing up, and once I got older, I realized how metaphorical and parallel their writing is, and how you understand it. I really appreciate, in all genres, creativity that sonically nobody has ever heard before. That initial composition, "Caroline," had the singer meeting a girl in a grocery store and obsessing about her, even though he would never encounter her again.

It's interesting to think about it looking back now. But it got a reaction. His parents, of course, liked it. And when he played it for a few classmates at junior college, they liked it, too.

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