The pokemon horoscope

People may look up to you for that. However, you may tend to be very pessimistic and judgemental. Lighten up! You try your best to be kind to others, and help out as much as you possibly can. You may also be easily led. Alright, my first problem with this?

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

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Nerdeux Comics. Via Poke-Problems Advertisements. Like this: Like Loading Categories: Gaming , Internet Tags: horoscope , pokemon , zodiac. Comments 2 Trackbacks 0 Leave a comment Trackback. Just check it out and see the difference….

This June: A Horoscope AND a Cereal Box Prize

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User Info: TrainerAura. Might just be the Unova Region's thing though. I do wish they would change Leo to Pyroar and Cancer to Clawitzer.

The Zodiac Signs As Pokemon Types

Pokemon Zero! User Info: TitanOxide.

Hmm, it'd be hard to do absolutely right as Zodiac signs also have the elements attached to them, but some of those I'd change. Missed opportunity for Pluse and Minun for Gemini much? Where's the irony button when you need it User Info: TheMehssenger. TitanOxide posted Something like Doduo, Zweilous, or Vanilluxe doesn't really fit as they are 2 headed beings. Binacle also fits the role of Gemini as well.

What a surprise. User Info: pokemega Leo: Volcarona due to being the representation of the Sun, which is the main celestial body of Leo and Pyroar Um, what?

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  8. User Info: Jdeo TheMehssenger posted Aries: Whimsicott what about Gogoat? Aries is the ram, not the goat.