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These are generational shifts because these are generational planets Pluto, Neptune and Uranus , which tells us that patterns are being broken on a generation of people. What will make you a Good astrologer is being able to see the patterns. These patterns that 'have to be' broken are recurring themes, ideas, habits and behaviors that have been handed down from generation to generation through the family.

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Breaking these patterns is going to hurt and it is going to hurt bad. Patterns are hard to break, but they must be broken for us to move forward as a population of people. Pluto, Neptune and Uranus the planets on this page are affecting us all. These are not personal planets, they are generational planets that affect 'a generation'. Pluto in Capricorn is moving through Cancer's 7th house of contractual relationships. This house also rules unions, lawsuits, contracts, partnerships, marriages, agreements, and open enemies with the public.

This can be partnerships in business, marriage or a committed relationship that is a live-in arrangement. It also includes long-term associations, the animus underlying passion or force , the relationship between soul and personality. This can certainly be a scary placement for the already 'fearful enough for everyone' sign of Cancer.

Scorpio Phoenix Traits

Pluto gives committed relationships a helluva time because this Pluto positions drastically altars those who have gone to the altar. Marriages, partnerships and contractual unions those bound by a contract will have gone to hell and back with this placement. This could mean that your committed relationship status changes drastically or you will experience something HUGE in the relationship that makes the relationship look like nothing you ever considered. For better or worse really does apply with Pluto in this 7th house. This 7th house is ruled by the 'scales of justice' so justice will be sought and delivered during this time.

This could even show up as where one person the Cancer in the relationship went through a lot with their partner, and when it all comes down to it, the Cancer will end up benefitting greatly for what they went through with the partner.

What are the characteristics of a Scorpio?

While the road may have not looked pretty, there will be a transformation as a result. This Pluto position also makes the Cancer native attracted to a person who is domineering or the partner will 'become' domineering as a result of this Pluto placement. This brings a take charge type of leadership in the relationship. It could be too that the Cancer native had to go through some sort of domineering relationship in order to bring out their own leadering and domineering gifts. Whatever it takes is what it will take. Pluto in this 7th house is accidentally in a detrimental position simply because Capricorn is Cancer's opposite sign and this is what makes Cancer either dominate or become dominated by someone else.

Again, whatever it takes to transform an individual will be whatever it takes. This will force Cancer to learn cooperation and all of the other 'co' words as a result of this Pluto transit in the 7th house. To see how Pluto in Capricorn will affect you personally rather than as an entire population of Cancer's, locate the Capricorn house in your Expansive Natal Chart and that is where Pluto in Capricorn will be transiting and transforming your Life. If you are having trouble locating this house and 'I wrote' your Expansive Natal Chart , then you know you can call me anytime and I will help you locate that house.

I do not take phone calls to interpret natal charts that were written by someone else. As far as all of the changes we are seeing on, in and around the world, Pluto in Capricorn is only one piece of the puzzle and I haven't even really touched on the other planets aspecting Pluto in Capricorn, which intensifies this energy further. The flow for your Solar Chart your Sun Sign is -- Cancer would be on the 1st house and then you would follow the signs in order for each house. Leo 2nd house, Virgo 3rd house, Libra 4th house, Scorpio 5th house, Sagittarius 6th house, Capricorn 7th house, Aquarius 8th house, Pisces 9th house, Aries 10th house, Taurus 11th house and Gemini 12th house.

For your personal natal chart that has your exact birth date, time and location, then the flow from the 1st house would according to whatever Sun Sign is your Rising Sign. Read more about what the 12 houses rule here! For all Cancer's, Uranus is electrifying and creating change in your 11th house of friends, groups of people, social acquaintances, former relationships ex's , organizations, children's organizations, alliances, fraternities, memberships, money from the employer, finances of employer and stock exchanges.

It is also about your hopes, wishes, dreams and the future. Basically this is about knowledge, originality, inventiveness, freedom, independence, rebellion, social circles, friends, groups of people, aloofness, detachment, indifference, circulation of blood, electricity, lightning, suddenness, your hopes, wishes and the future.

Uranus is 'dignified' in this 11th house because Uranus naturally rules this 11th house of Aquarius, which means it is in its domicile home placement.


So this is a Good thing! Uranus could not be more comfortable. Have you ever seen in a horoscope where it says, "Your popularity soars! You will surround yourself with unusual and eccentric friends who have no need to be accepted or to seek approval.

The Complete Guide To Scorpio Personality Traits

You could care less. Your position comes from a more humanitarian and altruistic place. You will certainly be unconventional, unusual and pretty much bohemian in your social circles and public persona. You may also appear to be the odd one out in groups when you are not around your own tribe, group, posse or membership. You may wish to liberate groups of people and help set them free from their mental or physical fixations.

You will have an erratic behavior in this house of hopes and wishes, and with friends and associations.

This transit suggests that your goals and ambitions can change in a sudden and unpredictable fashion. You were headed that way and now you are off in a whole different direction. First you were doing this and now you are doing that! You will have some difficulty making up your mind and settling into your life work.

You will make friends easily but keep them at an arm's distance because time has taught you that is best. For details of the most common pros and cons of relationships with each of the other signs I have a separate index of articles on Cancer compatibility and Scorpio compatibility. A horoscope is an astrological chart or diagram which represents the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets and other astrological aspects. Fire Signs-The Fire signs tend to be passionate and dynamic, yet temperamental. He is a very sensuous guy and she is an individual who likes to be loved and shown a lot of affection through physical actions.

From October 5 th until November 15 th , planet Venus is retrograde, which speaks of transformation, rebirth and reunion for all relationships, but especially love and romance. Apr 14 Scorpio, influenced by that Martian energy, is smoldering and intense, and emotional Cancer is attracted to this intensity. Delta Goodrem is a singer, songwriter, performer, actress, and philanthropist.

Both Virgo and Scorpio are extremely guarded and reserved in love. Like all water signs, Scorpio finds a natural habitat is the world of feelings and. The crap has 8 legs, scorpio has 6. Scorpio and Cancer Here comes an ideal relationship. The warmth and caring nature of Cancer feel regenerating to Scorpio, and Scorpio sense of an all-encompassing love appeals to you Cancer deeply. Soulmates can appear, or unite or reunite. This love match falls right into the love-hate dynamic, as they both want to have the control.

Scorpio demonstrates more depth of emotion, but for this same reason they will test Virgo before opening up to them. When you talk about a Scorpio, one of the basic personality traits that come to your mind is passion. Don't form the opinion that every Pisces, Scorpio or Cancer person is a nipper.

Jan Spiller's best-selling astrology books have been an inspiration all over the world. Capricorn and Scorpio marriage compatibility. Common strong points are determination, strong emotion and intuition, power and passion and also excitement and magnetism. Astrology Charts for People with Ascendant in Cancer. Cancer and Scorpio create an instant spark in their deeply soulful connection. When it comes to moving on, some signs take lots of time to heal Cancer and Capricorn , while others are quick to pursue a new physical connection Aries and Scorpio or dive into a serious.

These reunions are occuring more frequently at this current time on earth and will continue to accelerate as the consciousness of humanity expands. Scorpio 1 Sabian Symbol: A sight-seeing bus is threading its way through crowded city traffic. When combining with Aries sign of western astrology, they become charming and confident, and the symbol of energy and vigor.

Zodiac fanfics are one of my fav.

Cancer Weekly Astrology Horoscope 30th September 2019

Scorpios show very few of their feelings on the surface. Funny t-shirts on high quality soft t-shirt, cool shirts and retro vintage tees. Alan and Monica later adopted Emily Bowen, the daughter of one of a woman who was treated for cancer along with Monica. From the days of Napoleon, the Grand Etteila was in frequent use in tarot salons.

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Scorpio It may be difficult for you to control your emotions with the Moon in Cancer being so close to the earth. When Gemini and Scorpio get involved, you might ask yourself how they ever fell in love. So much for the good times. How this week will be for my zodiacal sign - Taurus Weekly Horoscope 19 - 25 August, Cancer is nurturing. Their quest for the truth and investigating into things deeper can help them make very important discoveries. When they love you, they throw their whole being into relating with you. Don't argue with Pisces!

My boyfriend is also a pisces and the best way to get along and seduce him is to not argue with him.