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Some information in it may no longer be current. Your task for the coming year is to learn to see the world through different eyes. If you can do that you will thrive. You may not be at your best now but there is plenty you can do to make life more enjoyable.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope February 27 - March 5, 2017 Astrology & Tarot

To start with try to forget about a recent falling out with a friend. One particular individual — a friend or a work colleague — could do with some upbeat advice. Anyone who pokes their nose in your affairs today is going to seriously regret it. Tell them — as nicely as you can — to get lost. It may not be easy to work out if someone is being serious or if they are joking but, to be safe, take what you are told with a large pinch of salt and make sure they know you are not going to act on what they are telling you.

Focus on the one thing you do best today. Leo is a larger-than-life sign and if you are typical of your kind you want nothing more than to do things that bring you recognition and rewards. Get creative today — it could pay off in a very big way. Take a look at the bigger picture today. Better still, take a look at the world and how the other half lives.

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Chances are you will find yourself at serious odds with someone you live or work with today and there is not much you can do about it. The simple fact is you are such different characters that it would be best if you interacted as little as possible. Stay alert over the next 24 hours because unexpected events are sure to disrupt your plans. On the plus side, one of those events will unsettle the status quo to such an extent that it creates no end of opportunities for you personally.

Take advantage of them. The fact that you are in a position to help people means the universe is working through you to do good things.

The planets warn if you rant and rave it will, in the long-term, have the opposite effect to what you desire. Calm down Capricorn! What feels right to you may not feel right to others and if you keep that fact in mind today you are less likely to fall out with people who should be your friends.

February 27th Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

Let them know that, whatever your differences, you will always support them in their choices. The planets indicate that you are going places. What does that actually mean? Well, it could mean you will be on the move in the physical sense but more likely it means you will be moving up in the world in the estimation of important people. Discover more about yourself at sallybrompton. This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff.

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Non-subscribers can read and sort comments but will not be able to engage with them in any way. Click here to subscribe. If you would like to write a letter to the editor, please forward it to letters globeandmail. Readers can also interact with The Globe on Facebook and Twitter. Instead, tap into your healthy store of ambition. That'll push you where you need to go -- out of the house, or at least out of your ordinary existence, and toward something fresh and inspiring. Today could spark a whole new way of life for you, but only if you're an active participant.

Illustration by Rocco Fazzari Credit:. Someone or something has caught your eye and ignited your passion, but the rules you learned in kindergarten still apply. No matter how badly you want it, no matter how entitled you feel, don't reach out and take anything without getting permission first.

Some self-restraint is in order today, despite the fact that you're all about indulgence. Resisting the urge to have that person or thing you desire could be a really good life lesson. Today, you're a whirling dervish, or maybe a social butterfly. You love freedom and crave variety, and you'll do whatever it takes to make them happen.

Get out of the house, or even out of town -- just focus on short-term fun rather than long-term changes. If adjusting the status quo suddenly seems essential, be sure to consider the hidden costs. This restless mood will pass soon, Gemini, and then you might wish you'd left well enough alone. All these nervous, resentful feelings you're experiencing could start wearing you down if you don't release them.

Venus enters Aquarius

If their source is something ongoing that you can't escape -- like the day job -- maybe it's time for a break. Can you get out of town anytime soon? Take a short road trip, or get yourself to the nearest beach and chill out. This is a day of possibility, and the universe is on your side. Life feels almost too easy -- opportunities just fall into your lap. Even if there's a lull in activity, you just feel good. Anything can happen -- enjoy the lighthearted romp, and stay open to new adventures.

Planetary Row

Maybe you'll end up losing your heart to someone as special as you are. Maybe you'll just reconnect with friends and reaffirm your joy of life. But if you're so sensitive now, why take risks? You know that a big, dramatic move will only lead to a mess to clean up later.

Your Horoscopes — Week Of February 27,

Instead, go with the sure thing today. Later, fear of failure won't loom as large, and you'll be able to make better decisions about any issues. It's great to smile and laugh with everyone -- why not take it a step further? If you're not in the mood for inviting everyone and their pets, then keep the party small. Like any good puzzle, you're profound and uncomplicated all at once, so don't expect too many people to get you today.

You may have to work for their recognition, and that's OK -- refining your product or approach will only help in the long run. By the time you have your say, you'll know it by heart, and you'll dazzle everyone.

You won't even need to say 'I told you so' -- their praise and support will be reward enough.